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Sep 26, 2010 4:00am EDT
joining us. as you'll see from the news today higher commodity prices are unusually widespread could it be that demand for products is finally coming true? i've heard that prediction for decades but somehow over production always seems to follow. but the demand is real, weather patterns have me a little unease about how well we producers will be able to meet the customer needs. time for the headlines. here is al. thanks john. after several years of shrinking herds, the cattle industry is poised for profits. they hit their highest mark in two years pushing beef up 20% in 2010. this had producers smiling. about 600 people participated in the three day affair which included tours of local ranches in big sky country. they came to discuss the direction of the industry. they said market potential looks good next year and demand is up 5% from a year ago even if it remains flatly the be higher demand than 2010. for cap and -- prices will move tire, calf prices are averaging higher than a year ago. well see calf prices close to a dollar 30 by 2011 and we will continue that up trend int
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm EDT
moves north it will ccntinue to bring us the chance for rain. as we go through the night tonighttinto tomorrow. then this is going to turn into a low pressure, and follow that. so two areas of low pressure3 riding the trough along the mid-atlantic giving s heavy rain. flash flood watches through tonight into tomorrow. as we have the potential for heevy rainfall. how much? we are talking about anywhere from about two to 5 inches potentially cross the area. depending on where you are. some folks getting heavier amounts thannothers. right now the bulls eye looks carroll, howard, dc, annapolis. so it looks like it will give us heavy rainfall. รบ% can get flooding conditions across the region. i will have more details about %->> thankkyou, vytas. a bit. >> with 6 inches of rain expected in some places, crews in baltimore ccty re busy cleaning storm drains to keep things from flooding. >> keithhdaniels is live in north baltimore withhword on how residents can help to get this job done. keith? >>well, jeff and jennifer, city crews have been busy clearing storm drains like this onn. in fac
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2